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Tummy tuck scars: How to make them go away

You wanted to have flatter, firmer, more toned abs, so you decided to push through with abdominoplasty. But are you prepared for the tummy tuck scars that go with it? Here, let us discover the truth behind how one can deal with tummy tuck scars after a successful...

Mini tummy tuck: Is it the one for you?

You may be one of the people who became health-conscious due to various reasons. You may be someone who recently lost a significant amount of weight that warrants a makeover. Or you may be someone who has been self-conscious about the flabby belly you are sporting for...

Tummy tuck surgery: Things you need to know

Cosmetic surgery’s sole focus before was to alter a person's aesthetic appearance through surgical or nonsurgical treatments. With the advancements modern technology entitle our plastic surgery experts and professionals, they also come up with functional reasons on...

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